Hi, my name is Hans Hack

This is a selection of my work. I'm a data visualizer, map maker and artist working in Berlin. I work with Javascript (front end and back end), databases, open source GIS tools, image editing programs and whatever might come handy to realise a project. You need help to visualise, get or analyse data, find creative ways to get your message across or just want to have a chat? Feel free to contact me:

twitter: @hnshck
address: Berlin

Selected clients: Asian Development Bank, Brand Eins, Monde diplomatique, taz, Tagesspiegel, VICE, WWF, Zeit Online

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Parking or Playgroung

Compare the size of parking areas, playgrounds, and green spaces in your neighborhood, 2024


Street Canyons

A map experiment depicting Berlins streets as canyons, carving through the city's landscape, 2023


Kiez Colors

View the distribution of land use in your neighborhood, 2023



Explore Berlin's commercial landscape from the district to the neighborhood, 2023


Energy Checkpoint

Explore energy consumption and renovation potential of public buildings, 2023


How many cars

A map that shows cars in Berlin, 2022


Kieznaturkarte (Nature map)

Explore Berlins nature, 2022


Incora Dashboard

A land use exploration dashboard, 2022


Point in History

Explore historical boundaries around a given point, 2022


Fairer Stadtplan

A fairtrade map for Berlin, 2022


Datawrapper Locator Maps

Locator map creator, 2018-2022


Car tagger

A car tagging tool, 2021


Magic Mapping Club

The Magic Mapping Club teaches you how to make interactive maps and show-off your spatial data, 2019



A collection of geotools, 2020


Retreats from Streets

Find places away from busy streets, 2020



A tool to present reports from Berlins districts, 2019



A figure-ground diagram poster tool, 2018



A project about cycling in Berlin, 2018


Random Roberto

A map with randomly distributed colors, 2019


Green Berlin

Berlin reimagined as a very green city, 2019



Visualising research findings for the newspaper taz, 2018


Drowning Berlin in simulation

A experimental depiction of sea-level rise, 2018

--->about: medium

Tutorial: OSM Filter

How to extract geodata from OpenStreetMap with Osmfilter, 2018


Places of inaccessibility

A journey of discovery to the points in Germany furthest away from streets, 2017



An open source tool to turn data into beautiful charts - in no time, 2017


Nigerian rural electrification plans

A tool to explore the rural electrification plans for 5 Nigirian states, 2017

client GIZ, NESP, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

One Dot one Berliner

A population desity map experiment, 2017


Myanmar off-grid analytics

A tool to explore the potential for off-grid electrification, 2017

client Asian Development Bank, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

Calender Maker

A tool to generate multiple images on the basis of a editable spreadsheet, 2017

client Brand Eins

Reprojected Destruction

Aleppo's destruction reprojected onto London and Berlin, 2017

---> hanshack.com/aleppo

Coal phase-out

WWF transformation scenario for coal-fired power plants, 2017

---> zukunft-stromsystem.de
client WWF

High resolution aerial images

1000x90cm high-res images for an exhibtion, based on multiple aerial images of Berlin, 2017

client Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen

Analytics Tool

A tool for analysing data for an exhibition about Stasi Topography in Berlin, 2017

client Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen

Wo Deutschland rechts wählt

Bundestag elections since 1990 - how support for far-right parties has shifted east, 2017

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Grenze zu Mexiko

Place Trump's planned Wall anywhere on a world map, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Babyboom in Berlin

Birth rate development in Berlin, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Time Travel

Compare aerial images of Berlin in 1953 and today, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Im Land der Untertassen

UFO sightings in Germany from 1945-2016, 2016

---> ufoland.info

Berliner Inselwelt

A poster with all of Berlin's 104 islands, 2016

---> hanshack.com/inselwelt


Edit maps and save them as svg, png or geoJson, 2016

---> hanshack.com/mapxtract

Interactive electrification planning

A tool to explore electrification coverage in Nigeria, 2016

client GIZ, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

Wie Misereor Geflüchteten hilft

Interactive grafic about how Misereor is helping refugees, 2016

---> website
client Misereor


Exaggerated city heights in 3D, 2016

---> hanshack.com/alpen


Berlin's east- west division in today's public transport, 2016

---> hanshack.com/verbindungslinien

Flüchtlinge in Deutschland 2015

Refugee policies in Germany's federal states, 2016

---> website
client Boell Stiftung

Sorted Cities

Building footprints sorted by size, 2015

---> hanshack.com/sorted-cities

Reading Belgium

Footprints of various different building types in Belgium, 2015

---> hanshack.com/belgium

Brussels cut outs

Cut outs of streets in Brussels, 2015

---> hanshack.com/brusslescutouts

Prison Typlogy

Patterns of confinement, 2015

---> hanshack.com/prisons


A map showing the distribution of medium-sized IT companies in Germany, 2015

---> bitkom.org/mittelstandsatlas
for lokaler


A tool for fast and pretty map design, 2015

for lokaler


Talkshow monitor of the four largest talkshows in Germany, 2015

---> apps.lokaler.de/meinungsmaschine
for lokaler


Traces of war in Berlin's street names, 2014

---> hanshack.com/strassenkrieg

If Gaza or Israel was in ...

What if Gaza or Israel was in your city ?, 2014

---> apps.lokaler.de/israelgaza
for lokaler


A georefrenced paper cut map, 2014<

---> hanshack.com/maps.html

Berliner U-Bahn

Berlin's U-Bahn map stretched onto its real geography, 2014

---> hanshack.com/ubahn

Animated Map of Berlin

Animated map of Berlin, consisting of 3 layers, some fading and a map made with postgis, 2014

---> hanshack.com/animatedmap.html

Land use tool

A tool to get the land use based on OSM Data, 2014

---> hanshack.com/flaechentool

Masks of Modernities

Masks of Modernities Project

---> hanshack.com/masks.html

Cityscapes & Houses

A selection of paintings around the theme of cityscapes and houses, 2007-2014

---> hanshack.com/cityscapes.html


A series of monument paintings, 2012

---> hanshack.com/monuments.html

'Vorne Fahrn'

Artwork in the Berlin Underground, 2012

---> hanshack.com/vorne-fahrn.html


A series of paintings based on postcards, 2012.

---> hanshack.com/postcards.html